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As Washington State eases its restrictions on group events, we will be allowing private events on a case-by-case basis. Please call us at 253-397-3939 to inquire about availability. See below for current policies.

Events at Geaux

Thinking of planning an event soon for your office, friend's birthday, or some other special occasion? Geaux is the perfect place. With our New Orleans-themed tap room, we have a fun, unique ambiance. Both the courtyard and mezzanine levels support about 50 people each.

Here’s some common questions:

What do you charge for your space?

We don’t charge for the usage of our space as long as your group purchases our beverages. (Please see below regarding outside food/beverage policies.) Since we’re a brewery, our taproom is an easy, casual space for your group to gather. If you require more specific information on holding a more formal event, please refer to the next section.

How much does it cost?
Each event is different so we don’t quote prices here, but some general guidelines are:

  • If the event is on a weekend (Thursday-Sunday) or during a holiday period, it will generally cost more. Peak hours (Noon-3pm & 5-8pm) will also cost a bit more.
  • If the size of your group is over about 20 people or we need to close off sections of the taproom to the general public, it will usually cost more.
  • Booking on weekday afternoons is the most cost-effective time.
  • Drinks can be either no host/cash bar or hosted/open bar. You can set a budget and switch from a hosted to no host bar during mid event. Plan on about $5-10/person for drinks.
  • We don’t discount because of the “exposure” your event may bring our business. If we could pay our bills with exposure though, we’d be all over that!

Can we come to your space with a large group and just “hang out”?

Since we are a brewery that relies on beverage sales, we ask that all groups purchase at least one beverage per person per hour.

Can we split a check amongst our group?

For the sake of efficiency (and sanity), we do not allow checks to be split. You may start with individual bar tabs, but large groups must be on a single check and it cannot be split when you’re cashing out.

Are children allowed at my event?

Yes, our taproom is family-friendly—even during events. Please note that minors are not allowed on our mezzanine after 6pm.

Do you have anything other than beer?

You bet! We’ve got a selection of wine and cider as well as non-alcoholic drinks. We do not serve hard liquor nor does our license permit us serving it. Banquet permits can be purchased from the WA State Liquor and Cannibis board to allow for hard liquor sales. It is valid for the date and time of the event only and our staff must pour the liquor.

Can we bring outside drink?

Any outside beverage must be coordinated with your contact at Geaux prior to the event and is subject to corkage fees. Contact us if you wish to inquire about outside hard liquor.

Can we bring outside food?

Outside food must be approved prior to the event. No exceptions. That said, we have an excellent caterer that is more than capable of working with you on custom food options. You may bring in your own cake which we will gladly cut, serve, and clean up after for your guests. The fee is $25 per item. (This applies to all desserts, cakes, cup cakes, etc.)

Do you have any private rooms or areas that can be cordoned off for privacy?

We do have areas that can be sectioned off for group sizes large enough to warrant it. We don’t currently have completely private rooms.

Can I put up my own decorations?

In most cases, yes. We allow balloons, banners, table toppers, table cloths, etc. Keep in mind that anything that may damage the walls (permanent tape, glue, pins, nails, etc.) is absolutely not allowed. All decorations must be either taken with you when you leave or they will be thrown away. In other words, keep the stuff you want!

Can we hold a rehearsal, retirement, going-away, birthday, shower, or (you name it) party?

Of course! We’ll work with you to develop a custom plan for your event.

What is required to secure the date we want?

After determining the cost for the event, we require a 20% refundable deposit to secure the date you wish to have the event on. Deposits are non-refundable if the event is cancelled or significantly changed within one week of the event.

I don’t know exactly how many people will attend my event. Is it possible to still get a quote?

Sure. It’s always best to get as close to an accurate head count so we can ensure we have enough food for your guests. Usually if the number of people changes by less than 10, we simply adjust your final bill based on an agreed-upon price per person. If the change is less than one week there may be a surcharge due to having to order more for your event at the last minute. Those surcharges are outlined in your contract. If the number of people is revised downward less than one week prior to your event, we cannot refund the difference.

Do you have A/V equipment that we can use?

Yes, we have two large projectors as well as large screen TVs with HDMI inputs and one with a 1/8” audio jack and microphone.

Can I bring my own music?

Yes, you can. If you are occupying a portion of our taproom and the rest remains open to the public, we ask that certain types of music not be played. Usually anything that would be considered an “R” rating.

Can I rent out the entire venue?
Yes. Our brewery and taproom can hold over 100 people comfortably. We’ve hosted wedding receptions, graduation parties, and similar large-scale events before. Please contact us at the email below for more information on rates.

Call the taproom at 253-397-3939 or Contact Us for more information.
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